Now Available on ITunes and Spotify!

Proud to announce that JrockZ  “I’m NOT a Rapper” is now available in the ITunes store as well as on Spotify  for your listening pleasure! Please support the album by listening, downloading, enjoying  and spreading the word to your friends and family to do the same. Because Grandmothers need exposure to this revolutionary sound.

Additionally, for all you nostalgic-types out there with a functioning CD player, do yourself a favor  and dust off that relic and purchase the physical copy for only  $15 (includes S&H). You don’t want miss out on the two BONUS tracks that are only available on the circular thingy the Millennials nowadays view as a shiny coaster.

In event you dig deep into that garage, basement, or crawl space and discover more than just that  5 disc CD carrousel during your exploratory efforts…..sorry the album is not available on vinyl, eight track, or tape quite yet.


Welcome to JrockZ Blog posting! We’re all here to celebrate creativity and the art that embodies ALL artists works out there in the stratosphere. “I’m NOT a Rapper”started  as a fun side project that eventually blossomed into a full blown album.

Please feel free to leave a comment, share other works, or mind your biZness if you have nothing positive to contribute to this forum.

Again, thanks for visiting this site and I hope you enjoy listening to the album!!